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Watching a film has a magical effect on people. It transports them to a different time and place, potentially even one that does not exist in the real world. Part of this has to do with the acting and cinematography, but a huge component of this transformation is thanks to the makeup artists who work hard to make everybody look the part.

Their Roles

Makeup artists do a lot in film, and this list showcases just a few of these talents they must have while working on a movie set.

  • Science Is Required: Most makeup artists are well-versed in color theory, and this is where art meets science. It is much more than simply putting eyeshadow on an actress. The job gets technical!
  • The Industry Is Competitive: There are so many makeup artists who all want to work in film, so the industry can be very difficult to get into. It takes plenty of rejection before finally getting hired as a makeup artist.
  • Compensation Varies: Unlike most other jobs, makeup artists are not usually salaried workers. For this reason, being financially flexible is a must. The pay is dependent on the contract provided per project.

Factors to Remember

Anyone can go to makeup school, but it takes a passionate artist to be able to transform faces and bodies in the way that film makeup artists are expected to achieve. This is a role that is not easy or slow-paced, but it is rewarding.

Most of the time, makeup artists get the least amount of credit. In the grand scheme of things, people remember the actors and other visuals before thinking about the makeup artists who helped turn the idea into a reality.

Makeup does a lot more for people than make them look stylish or glamorous. It can make someone look like they are from a different area or like they are a different species. Makeup artists have a big job in the film industry, and these looks can pull the entire film together.