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Streaming services did not always exist, but they are easy to find nowadays. In this modern world, it is unlikely to encounter someone who does not have at least one or two streaming subscriptions. As these changes have taken place, changes have also occurred in the film industry. 

How Streaming Is Different

These days, it is easy to watch a movie at the click of a button. It is also possible to find just about any show available. Through streaming services, watching a wide variety of content no longer takes renting movies from the video store or physically purchasing hard copies. A ticket to the movie theater is also no longer necessary unless desired.

Streaming services have made the world more streamlined in the way that people consume their entertainment content. This has allowed more people than ever to get on board with the latest trending movies or most talked about shows.

It can also be a lot less expensive to choose to subscribe to a streaming service instead of purchasing a bunch of films or tickets to films individually. Even cable providers tend to be more expensive.

The Overlap

When it comes to streaming services and the film industry, there is a noticeable overlap. Some films actually choose to release exclusively on streaming services. This allows for a beneficial partnership for both the service provider and the film producer.

There are also hybrid situations that allow for a certain film to be released in theaters as well as via a streaming service. This works at an advantage because those who subscribe to said platform will have an upper hand in being able to watch the film sooner.

There are many ways that streaming services have changed the film industry for the better, and there are no signs of any slowdown occurring in the near future. If anything, the two are likely to merge even more. This gives audiences around the world more opportunities to watch more content, so it appears to be a win-win for everybody involved.