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Some make you laugh out loud. Others make you root for their romance.

The sitcom couples on this list rank as some of the most iconic TV couples of the 90s.

  1. Niles and Daphne 

Niles loved Daphne from the first moment he saw her in Frasier’s pilot, and for years she never knew, despite how many times she proclaimed herself “a little psychic.” From TV’s most famous off-screen menace in Maris to the slow onscreen evolution of their relationship, Niles/Daphne remain #RelationshipGoals. 

  1. Ross and Rachel

You were probably expecting Ross/Rachel at #1, the Friends duo are without a doubt the most iconic sitcom couple of the 90s – even if for sheer writing and buildup we have to give it to Niles/Daphne. Still, when you think of the quintessential will-they-won’t-they and 90s sitcoms, it’s impossible not to think of this defining alliterative coupling on Friends.

  1. Sam and Diane

This one’s cheating a little bit since Cheers is really more a quintessentially-80s show, even though it ended its run in 1993. Still, Sam and Diane are a timeless sitcom romance for the ages, with much having been written about how it pits stereotypes of traditional masculinity and femininity against one another, dissecting both before reaching a better synthesis.

  1. George and Susan

Hey, we didn’t say all these couples were on this list because they were romantic. On the contrary, Seinfeld’s famous “no hugging, no romance” ethos produced one of the most hilariously dysfunctional anti-romantic sitcom couplings of all time, right up to its outrageous “ending” – toxic engagement letters and all.

  1. Cory and Topanga

If George and Susan represent peak sitcom coupling cynicism, Cory and Topanga embody a sincerity that’s equal parts sweet-if-saccharine and achingly sincere. From the kids’ quirkiness in the show’s early years to the development of their relationship through high school and eventual engagement and marriage in college, a whole generation of Millennials grew up with Boy Meets World and Cory and Topanga as their first big sitcom couple.

Each of these couples was nothing short of iconic during their run in the 90s and is sure to be remembered long into the future.