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Independent films (Indie for short) have always been around, but they are much more popular today than they once were. They are known for being different because of their low-budget production and focus on topics that many mainstream films will not touch. For something interesting to watch, an indie film from the list below is definitely a great selection.

The Genre

Indie films are not always going to have a minimal budget, but they are notorious for having a much smaller budget than feature films. They might also never see the inside of a theater, but this does not make them any less worthy of a watch.

Watching with an open mind is important because indie films tend to be different than what the general audience is used to. This is what makes them so interesting because no two are going to be exactly alike. There are way more original ideas in this genre than the common movie genres.

The Films

  • God’s Own Country (2017): Based on two men in a secret romantic relationship after grudgingly coming to the conclusion
  • Sightseers (2012): A serial killer film meets the lighthearted feeling of a dark comedy
  • Local Hero (1983): The plan to buy a village and place an oil refinery does not go exactly as planned
  • Get Out (2017): An independent film made very popular in mainstream media, this psychological thriller is exciting
  • Rocks (2020): Current and interesting, the focus is on teenagers and their personal battles
  • Memento (2000): An interesting thriller based on an insurance investigator with amnesia
  • Humpday (2009): A strong friendship is depicted as the characters endure many hilarious and impossible circumstances
  • The Blair Witch Project (1999): A classic horror film shot in found-footage style for a realistic and thrilling effect

With this list in mind, now is a great time to explore the indie movie genre. There is something out there for everyone, and giving these films a chance is the best way to determine if the independent genre is the right fit.