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Making a movie set is one of the most vital aspects of filmmaking. However, those who make them don’t get the credit that they deserve. If things are done poorly or even wrong, everybody is going to notice. They will comment on how low the budget was and other harmful things. When they are done correctly, people won’t say anything negative, but they also won’t offer any praise.

In reality, you don’t want people to notice your movie set. Your best ones don’t have to cost a lot of money or turn heads. You just want them to fit into the scenes you are filming naturally.

Plan Your Set

Read through the entire script so you know how your set should look. Pay attention to essential details such as the number of characters, background props, setting, lighting, and more. Schedule a sit-down with the director to go over what they want to be included. Some might have ideas for you to use. Others might let you do your own thing.

Create a Mock-up

Sketch out how you think the movie set should look on paper. If drawing isn’t possible, create a small book using actual photographs or clips from other movies. Once you have everything drawn out and detailed, run it past the director. Never spend money on creating a set until you have the final approval.

Build Your Set or Film on Location

Both of these choices have some advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider everything to choose what works best for you. Building your set allows you to personalize, but it costs money and takes time to make. Using a location is cheaper and faster, but you often have to seek permission to use it.

Determine your Budget

Figure this out ahead of time; you don’t want to run out of money while filming. To create an accurate budget, spend time researching prices online for props and other materials you need. To save money on props, think about any that you can make yourself.