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Animation is not only meant to keep children entertained. It is a part of history that has been meaningful for quite some time. The following movies have influenced the world for many different reasons, and it is interesting to take a look back at them all.

The Impactful Movies

This list contains some of the most memorable animated films ever produced. To this day, they remain classics that are still talked about.

  • Fantasmagorie: This was the very first animated film ever made. It came out in 1908 and focuses on a stick figure that was hand drawn. There are even some scenes that show the creator’s hands in the frame.
  • Oh Mabel: This film is important because it was the first to synchronize sound and dialogue. At only seven minutes long and shot in 1924, it features a dog that can talk.
  • The Old Mill: Using the multiplane camera, this film entered in 1937. It was filmed using a camera placed above several glass panes. It was the first animated film shot to be realistic.
  • Snow White: This is a familiar classic that most know and love from 1938. It was also the very first feature length animated film. It was doubted decades ago, but it remains one of the most successful animated films ever made.

From this list of films, it is interesting to see just how far animation has come in such a short time.

Why They Are Powerful

Each of these films has unique elements that make them influential. Whether the techniques used were used for the first time to make the film or the movie touched on a specific topic that had yet to be discussed, there is certainly a reason why each film on the list is important.

Taking a look back at these films is like entering a time capsule. At the same time, they are ageless because they are great movies to be enjoyed by endless generations. These are the types of films that never get old and that are always worth a watch.